Week 3

Toms general aim was that his website be a platform for him to promote himself, not only as a brand, but himself too. He wanted it to look clean, presentable and professional, but wanted to avoid it being dull or plain. He wanted his website to look interesting and engaging for potential/future clients. Tom wanted lots of content but made in an easy and simple way to navigate his website.  One thing Tom did not want was that the website would look ‘cluttered’ or ‘empty’.

A good brief was given by Tom- but when it comes to the making of the website, you would need more information like; fonts, navigation techniques and colour schemes, though these could also be talked about if the client decides to go ahead with your idea.

Tom mentioned 3 objectives in his brief that he wanted included in the wireframe;

1. that the website would primarily be targeted towards businesses and would need to be advertised as the speciality of the brand.

2. It should also promote his content in other fields to so what else his brand has to offer (blog/social media)

3. for it to be both professional and engaging.


Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 21.04.11.png




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