What is a USP? Otherwise known as a Unique Selling Point, a USP is a somewhat of a ‘brag’ of what an individual/ or company has, which betters them from other brands. A USP helps the client save time when it comes to selecting a product/brand etc. In todays

Having a USP is critical if a brand wants to become more successful and better than competitors and to stand out brands must make their products suitable to the clients needs, but also cheaper than rival brands.

Feature lists are helpful when it comes to client looking for the best service they can get. Things such as quality of product, price, functional characteristics are all factors that should be considered when it comes to creating a feature list for a brands USP.

Three good unique selling points to have are;

Communication – its important to have an understanding between both your client and yourself so that the final product works effectively. It gives you and your client the chance to share information on thoughts/ideas/pitching etc. Its important for you to have a mutual understanding and be on the same page, and by doing this you need to communicate with your clients on a daily basis.

Knowledge – having the knowledge of how a certain brand works. Also having knowledge in your own brand. For example, if you promote yourself as a Video Editor then you must know to an extent on how to use programs such as Adobe Premier Suite/ and Final Cut Pro.

Motivated – You might not be interested in every single brief/project that you are given, but you have to keep yourself motived and interested in the project as it could open doors to the future/and you want to keep the costumer happy as they are paying for a service, and again could recommend your services to possible future clients.




“How To Define Your Unique Selling Proposition”. N.p., 2017. Web. 19 Mar. 2017.


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