A method used by many brands to generate online media to their portfolio is the use of social media. According to Statista.com, ‘in 2016, 68.3% of internet users were social media users.’ and with this number excepted to grow in the next few years it will become easier to attract more people to your site.

Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, is the official name given to the process of improving online traffic to a website. ‘Going through the search engine optimizations process typically leads to more traffic for the site.’ (Business Dictionary) meaning that if you use content, words and information based of the SEO process it can generate more online traffic to your website.

Another method that can generate traffic by using social media is, Search Media Optimisation (SMO). Webopedia.com says that SMO is ‘the process of increasing awareness of a product, brand or event’ and ‘communicates to generate viral publicity.’ Just like SEO, SMO uses specific techniques and methods to promote web traffic to a certain site. By using social media sites, such as YouTube, it allows you to link your profile to an online portfolio and vise versa which can increase the amount of people to your online portfolio.

Search Engine Optimisation is important for a business because of the amount of competition in each industry. SEO improves the social promotion of website. It also puts you ahead of brands that don’t use the SEO method.





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